Matrix upgrades and new features coming Wednesday, June 12

By Kyle Murphy
CarolinaMLS Help Desk Supervisor

Matrix will be getting several upgrades and new features this week.  When you log in the morning of Wednesday, June 12, you will see significant enhancements:

Drag and drop listings in search results

  • Search results can be manually re-ordered if the results of a search fit on a single page
  • This icon:  will appear at the far left edge of the results when this feature is available.
  • Drag-and-drop will not work on Matrix Mobile
  • “Driving Directions” ignores manual ordering – listings will still display in the “best route” order regardless of the order the agent selects

MLS number searches in the Speedbar now preserves listing order

  • MLS numbers entered into the Speedbar will now display in the order entered by the agent, rather than the default sort order. This only applies to the Speedbar MLS number search and no other search options

“Notes” on listings can now be printed

  • This will appear as a checkbox on the “Print Options” page in Matrix: 
  • This option only appears when viewing the listing in a way that displays notes. There are two ways to accomplish this:
    1. Go to My Matrix –> Contacts, then click on the number in the “Notes” column
    2. Search for the listing, then on the Results page click “Refine” and “View As…” the contact in question
  • A specific contact must be selected before printing, as multiple contacts within an agent’s account may have notes on the same listing and Matrix needs to know which notes to print

“Carts” functionality has been widely expanded

  • Agents can now have multiple, custom named carts for themselves, as well as for clients.
  • A new option will appear under the “My Matrix” dropdown menu for “My Carts.”
  • On a Results page, in the “Carts” menu, a new button will be added – “New Cart.” When this button is clicked:
    1. If no listings are selected, the cart can be named and a contact specified, but it will be empty.
    2. If there are listings already selected, creating a new cart automatically adds the listings to that cart.
  • The “Select Cart” drop down list will now display as “Contact Name – Cart name (number of listings in cart).” 
  • The “My Carts” widget on the “Home” tab will now display Contact carts in addition to Agent carts. This will list the most recently used carts.

A “Photo Upload Disclaimer” has been added to “Manage Photos”

  • When uploading images to a listing, the “Manage Photos” page now includes a certification that the listing agent owns the images, or has permission to upload the images to the MLS.
  • The “Save” button now says “Certify and Save.” By clicking this button, the listing agent acknowledges the disclaimer.

The Client Portal will now save a user’s last display setting

  • This is per-device, not per-contact or per-user – when a user views their portal and selects the “Map,” “List,” or “Gallery” view, that will be the starting view the next time they visit their portal on that device.
  • Clearing temporary files will reset the Client Portal display to default “Map” display.

New “News and Alerts” options

  • News posts are now automatically “Responsive”, meaning they resize to fit the user’s screen.
  • News posts can now be printed directly from the widget.
  • Users now MUST click “I’ve Read This” or “Read Later.” Clicking outside the “News” window no longer closes the news post.

New “Driving directions” options

  • On “My Listings” pages
  • On “Concierge Mode” results lists