2011 Realtors® Care Day – Homeowner Relationship Chair

Jones fills new role of homeowner relationship chair 

This year, Amanda Jones heads up a new role on the Realtors® Care Day Core Committee as homeowner relationship chair.

The position is a response to feedback from Realtor® volunteers last year. Jones is charged with overseeing the needs of the homeowners and communicating those needs and concerns. She will engage homeowners at all levels of the project, including gathering documentation, project follow-up and writing thank-you letters.

Jones will also communicate the homeowners’ stories to the volunteers, and vice versa. “It’s really to engage the homeowner and help the Realtors® understand who they are helping,” she says.

She plans to work closely with site captains to communicate about homeowners and their specific needs, helping to ensure a positive experience for everyone involved.

Realtors® haven’t always known about, or met, the homeowner they were helping. While one year a homeowner sang a song of gratitude to the volunteers, and other homeowners have joined in projects, some have limitations that prevent them from participating, or even meeting the volunteers.

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