New HQ: By the numbers

Here’s a “numerical” look at the Association’s new headquarters, now under construction. All numbers are approximate.

  • 58,607 total square feet of building space
  • 2,127 square feet of retail space that will provide non-dues, Association revenue; now seeking a tenant, perhaps a café
  • 6,916 square feet of fourth-floor tenant space that will provide non-dues Association revenue; now seeking a tenant
  • 214+ parking spaces in the Association’s deck, with 50 more in a shared deck
  • 285 pieces of precast concrete for the Association’s deck
  • 475 piers, ranging from 10 to 24 feet deep, to support the foundation
  • 1,250 cubic yards of dirt displaced by the piers
  • 125 trucks of stone delivered for pier installation
  • 2,700 cubic yards of concrete for the foundation and flooring
  • 2,200 cubic yards of dirt excavated for the foundation
  • 319 tons of steel required to construct the building and parking deck
  • 644 panes of glass
  • 1,388 metal panels