What’s different about teams in Matrix for NCMMLS?

By Kyle Murphy, Senior Help Desk Support Specialist

As a member of the North Carolina Mountains MLS, you may already belong to a team set up in Matrix, or maybe you worked with a listing or a buyer represented by a team.  If so, recent announcements about the introduction of teams in Matrix may seem like old news.

Previously, agents on a team would “Identity Share” as the team, and enter listings from the team’s MLS account.  A team representing a buyer would provide the team’s MLS ID as the “Selling Agent” on a listing.  There was no way to know who was on the team or if a team should be used in place of an individual.  Also, production reports were muddled with individuals and teams combined on the same reports.

The newly added team options resolve these issues.  Here’s what you need to know:

  • There is no longer any reason to “Identity Share” as a team. However, we will leave the ability to “Identity Share” as a team in place until Jan. 31 to allow you to modify existing listings that were started prior to these changes, and to transition any contacts, saved searches and client portals from the team account to an individual account.
  • A “team” can no longer be used as an agent ID on a listing. Each of the four agent fields (listing agent, co-listing agent, selling agent, and co-selling agent), when used, must have an individual’s ID.  If the individual is on a team, Matrix will prompt you with the team’s ID, which you can enter or leave out.
  • Listings for a team must be entered from the account of the individual listing agent.
  • Only the Member Participant of the office can change the listing agent on a listing (whether it is a team listing or not).
  • Any member of a team can edit any of the team’s listings, whether they are the specified listing agent or not.
  • Assistants who are added to a team’s roster can edit listings for the team.  However, the assistant must “Identity Share” as the individual listing agent on the team in order to enter listings for that agent.
  • Current listings that have a team in the listing agent field must be updated to specify an individual agent as soon as possible.
  • CarolinaMLS staff will create the team initially. Beyond that, Member Participants and office assistants with MLS access can edit team rosters and add or remove agents from the team without involving CarolinaMLS staff.
  • When looking at a listing that belongs to a team, the roster of agents on that team is available as a drop-down menu beneath the listing agent’s information.  This is also true when looking up an agent who is part of a team.  You can print the report with the team name or the roster.
  • Teams are separate from agents in the Market Reports.  Now, an individual agent on a team can track his or her own production separately from the team, as well as run the team’s production as a whole.  The Ranking Reports also have new options.  They can be run to show individual agents only (regardless of their participation on a team), teams only, or a combined report that shows both.  The combined report displays individual agent production when that agent is not on a team, as well as the production for teams.

If you have any questions about teams, you can reach the Help Desk at 828-239-2900 or support@carolinahome.com.

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