What’s new in Matrix 7.0

By Bryan Perkins, Training Manager

The Client Portal in Matrix™ is getting a new look and feel with improved navigation and message alerts.  A summary is provided below with links to training videos.  You can also download the Portal Set-Up Guide for agents with info on how to navigate and use the Portal, and share the Portal Quick Start Guide with consumers to explain how the Portal works.

The redesigned Portal is more responsive. Whether viewing on a laptop, desktop or mobile device the Portal automatically adjusts to the dimensions of the device.

The Portal continues to be a powerful communication tool and allows clients to categorize listings by their level of interest and log notes between the agent and the client. Clients can still create and save their own searches.

Agents can choose a new set of 30 header/ footer graphics. As always, agents will be able to upload custom header and footer images as well.

Notifications of Portal activity can now be sent via email or text when contacts access their Portal, save a favorite, add listing notes or save a search. Daily reports can also be sent as a summary of activity.

A new My Agent tab in the Portal allows agents to create profiles that can include an image, agent bio and embedded videos.

There are updated client property views on the Portal for a cleaner, more professional look.

The street maps and aerial views now use Google Maps across the entire Matrix Platform, including the Client Portal.

All of the enhanced branding, mapping and views are available for agents utilizing the IDX solution provided by Matrix.

25 thoughts on “What’s new in Matrix 7.0

  1. Hope I can explain this: When send a search or property through Matrix to client on desktop it has the same awful,
    awful email with small thumbnail and limited info on property (it also makes hard on agents have click through even
    to see just to the status change!!). With all the modernization on the client portal is there any way to improve the
    default email that goes to client to entice them to click through? I think this has been a silent killer they move on
    (many prefer Zillow) as buyers today want lots of photos and info quick WITH MINIMAL clicking – need grab their
    attention quick!

    In the mobil app when you text/email a property it has a link that opens to a beautiful landing page, big picture, lots
    key info, is there no way to have that same format right there in the email without having to click on the link?

  2. Beau has a good point… the heart
    icon needs to be changed into
    something that suggests more options
    than just saving something as a
    favorite. Why not put a trash can
    beside the heart so they can see they
    can do either.

  3. Beau: There is no way to return to the old format of this page, what you see is how the Portal will function from here on out. However, all of the same capabilities for saving listings still exist. When your clients view listings that they want to save, they can click the gray “heart” icon at the top right of the listings. They will see a menu of saving options – Save as Favorite, Save as Possibility, and Discard Listing. Then, at the top of the page, they can click the “Favorites” button in the menu bar to access all of their saved listings.

    Like before, your client can also click the “Help” button at the top right of the Portal for some quick instructions, as well as a link to a short (~4 minutes) YouTube video that will walk them through the whole thing.

  4. Looks like the listing alert portal changes went live today!……….just had a client email me saying they really liked the
    heart, light bulb, & trash can icons and now don’t see those options. They don’t like the change and was wondering if
    there is a way to use the old format if requested? I realize there is resistance any time there is change but when the
    resistance comes from customers, it complicates it further. Since I haven’t had the time to be trained on it myself yet,
    what, in your opinion, is the best response to our customers who prefer the old format?

  5. Mike: We’ll try to tackle all three of those questions.

    1) We’re hoping this was only a problem in Bing Maps. We haven’t been able to replicate the problem on our Macs up here, but we know this is an issue that definitely affects certain Mac users. Give the Help Desk a call if it still persists in Google Maps.

    2) There will not be any changes to the activation/deactivation schedule for Auto-Emails in this update. However, the schedule was updated about a year ago, so searches already run longer than that. If you create a new search and your client never looks at it, it will be deactivated after 30 days. However, almost all other deactivation options occur after no activity has taken place for 180 days (though a warning notice is sent to you at 90 days, halfway through the interval).

    3) Most of the changes in this update involve the Client Portal. Starting with the next Matrix Client Portal class tomorrow, this class will cover all the new features and options. We need to check with our trainers to see if they plan on offering any 7.0-specific classes, but unfortunately neither trainer is available today.

  6. Ron: The CarolinaMLS leadership will be considering a possible recommendation to tweak the functionality regarding the main, upper, lower, basement and third level rooms and square footage fields in the next few months, but that will not be included in this upgrade to Matrix 7.0.

  7. Marsha: Google Maps provides the footprint and location of the main structure(s) on each parcel, so yes, when viewing a home’s location on a map you should be able to see which way it faces.

  8. Will Google maps fix the weird out of control zoom with current maps? I am on a MAC
    Will new 7.0 enable us to keep buyer searches active longer if buyer does not access w/in 60 days
    Will there be a series training sessions for 7.0

  9. Will there be the changes appraisers
    have been asking for for a while,
    like a segregated above grade and
    below grade search function?

  10. Kristen: Thank you for your feedback! We’ll take these suggestions to the CarolinaMLS Advisory Group for consideration.

  11. Ian: Within the next few days. Keep an eye on the Matrix new alert messages. We’ll post a message when the date is certain.

  12. Hany: Within the next few days. Keep an eye on the Matrix new alert messages. We’ll post a message when the date is certain.

  13. Tracie: It will, but it could be overwhelming. Remember those settings can be turned on or off.

  14. Maria: We expect this to be rolled out within the next few days. We’ll post a news alert on Matrix once we are certain of the date.

  15. Notifications of Portal activity can now be sent via email or text when contacts access their portal, save a favorite,
    add listing notes or save a search……..NICE!

  16. Would love to see more pace for more pictures, especially important with a custom home, lake or waterfront home.
    Also would like more room for remarks, larger homes need more room for detail. Thanks!

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