Be a Pro! Coming Soon and MLS Expansion Offer Leadership Opportunities

By Roger Parham, Association/CarolinaMLS President

Our new “Coming Soon” status in CarolinaMLS provides a wonderful way to build anticipation for homes soon to become active listings — but it also comes with a strict set of rules. How do we remember them? How do we help our fellow Realtors® if they take a misstep with the new Coming Soon-No Show status? What is the best approach?

I think it’s simple. Be a professional, be a leader.

First, we all need to buckle down and learn the do’s and don’ts of the new status. You can find an excellent summary on CarolinaMLS crafted by Vice President of MLS Administration Debbie Wey. You can access it here.

I think the toughest restrictions relate to the internet. While a Coming Soon-No Show status listing cannot be shown in any way, even casually by the homeowner, it also cannot be displayed on the internet during the 21-day Coming Soon time frame. The internet prohibition includes broker, agent and public syndication websites as well as social media.

Because Coming Soon is new and we’re all human and make mistakes, we will no doubt see violations. You may have already seen some. Suppose a listing agent forgets and posts a Coming Soon-No Show on Facebook? What if a seller lets a neighbor tour the home while it’s on Coming Soon-No Show status? Imagine you hear a listing agent talk about holding an open house while the property has a Coming Soon-No Show status?

If these or other issues occur, I recommend you contact the listing agent. In a respectful way, share your observation and note that you realize the agent doesn’t want to be violating the rules. If you’re kind and helpful, it will allow your fellow Realtor® to save face, learn and be a better broker. That helps us all.

Unfortunately, too often, brokers are abrupt with one another or don’t reach out or return phone calls on matters like this, especially in a hot market as we have now. We treat the business too casually and get lackadaisical about working together for the greater good of our industry and the public. Yet, working together is our responsibility. As our Realtor® Code of Ethics says, we must be honest and fair to all parties, not just the party we represent.

Professionalism and leadership also take on significance with the growth of CarolinaMLS. We have been expanding in recent years and that’s going to continue. We will have many brokers new to CarolinaMLS in the near future, and they may know little about Coming Soon-No Show status because it’s not widespread. Currently, Triangle MLS (Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area) and North Carolina Regional MLS (coastal North Carolina) are the only other MLSs in North Carolina with any type of Coming Soon status or field.

These brokers new to CarolinaMLS also will be trying to master all of our other rules and regulations and will appreciate assistance from those of us who have subscribed to our MLS for many years.

So, what is the essence of stepping up as professionals and leaders as we welcome new Realtors® to CarolinaMLS, and we all acclimate to Coming Soon-No Show status?

Again, I see it as simple: Study up on the rules and regulations and extend a helping hand to your fellow Realtor®. You’ll appreciate it when somebody does the same for you.

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