Info Tech-November/December 2012

Fusion Top 10
Shortcuts that can save you time

By Caroline Grubb, training contractor; and Bryan Perkins, compliance and training administrator

CarolinaMLS’s Fusion system has been available now for about nine months. It offers many enhancements from the TEMPO system that are time-savers, enhancements or new functions. Here is a list of the ones we like best:

  1. Results Chicklet: When on the results of a search, look for the color-coded number (Chicklet) that precedes the listing line. Hover over the chicklet to display additional content for the listing. See tax info, photos, virtual tours and other info.
  2. Fast Find: On the Home Tab, create quick searches by Location, Address and/or MLS number. With Location, enter an intersection and the search radiates from that point to as little as a quarter mile to as far as 100 miles. When using the Address Tab, do not include “St.,” “Rd,” “Cir,” etc. To get a quick History search of a property, remove the check from “On Market Listing” only.
  3. Recent Website Activity: Wouldn’t it be nice to know when a client marks a property as a Favorite, Possibility, Reject, or if he or she adds a note to a property? Click on “Customize This Page” (top-right on the Home tab). Click to add a check next to “Recent Website Activity,” and click “Save.” The widget will appear under Fast Find; click and drag it to move it up.
  4. My Folder: Bookmark listings for a client and/or yourself for future reference. To add a listing, hover on a chicklet from the search results grid or on a listing pin on the map, and click “Add to Folder.” To remove a listing, click “My Folder” (next to “Sign Out” at the top), hover on the chicklet, and click “Remove from Folder.” The listings in My Folder reflect live data, so if there are price or status changes, the information will update.
  5. Adding Pictures to a Listing: Fusion allows you to upload all 16 photos at once and then rearrange the order. Upon the initial upload, you can also rotate, crop, and change the brightness or contrast of each photo.
  6. SAM: The Statistical Analysis Module allows you to access information specific to the ZIP Code of that property. Hover the mouse on a chicklet from the search results grid or on a listing pin on the map. Click on the “SAM” icon in the window that appears. The charted data is displayed by one year or monthly, with up to two breakouts and broken out by 10 metrics.
  7. Contacts on Homepage: You can now add, delete, edit and search for any of your contacts from the home page. On the home page, simply locate the Contacts widget and use the letters across the top to locate by alphabet. Use the search box to locate by name or email address, and hover over the contact to email, edit, delete, or print the contact.
  8. RSS news feed on Homepage: In the new News widget, add RSS feeds from your favorite news syndicates. Find the News widget and click the gear in the title bar to enter up to 10 RSS feeds. Be sure to test the links before you save.
  9. Multiple search tabs: Multiple search tabs can now be open at the same time. So, in the middle of working on a search for one client, you can now open another search tab and begin a search for another client. Multiple tabs also applies to other functions in the system like Add/Edit and Hotsheets.
  10. Defaults for search and results: Once a search or grid is saved to Fusion, it can be assigned as a default for the user. This is done in the settings area of Fusion under “Search” and “Report Defaults.” Each property type has their own defaults, which means there can be six default searches and six default results grids — one for each property type.

Fusion will soon be the only system for CarolinaMLS. Dive in to see these and other new features that will help you work faster and smarter. Also, CarolinaMLS offers complimentary training on Fusion. Register for a class or contact the Help Desk at 704-940-3159.