Future Leaders: Leadership in Action

Group gets first-hand look at board work during July session

By Kim Walker
Media Relations and Public Relations Specialist


“Eye-opening” was the buzz word of the day when the Leadership Development Program (LDP) class met in July for Session V: Leadership in Action. Participants got a clear view from the top, where they learned what the association, Housing Opportunity Foundation and CMLS boards of directors grapple with regarding national, state, and local issues facing the industry.

The class saw that a day with the three boards can be intense. The group started with the CMLS board meeting. Later, the foundation board and association board convened, with periodic breaks in between. During lunch, the gracious Executive Committee chatted with the class to ensure that their questions were answered and their thoughts heard.

As questions morphed into more questions, the group quickly realized the seriousness of the duties and responsibilities of the directors, and how the decisions of the boards directly affect the membership.

Even though board members are brokers and Realtors®, their roles as board members require them to wear their “board director hats” while making decisions on behalf of the membership. The LDP class could see just how difficult it could be to remove one’s “Realtor® and firm hats” in order to advance the agendas of the association, foundation and MLS.

Shining examples of LDP success

Association/CMLS President Jennifer Frontera and Secretary Joe Rempson met privately with the LDP group to discuss their journeys to leadership. As past LDP graduates, both continued on to work on various committees, chair several committees and then run for the board. Frontera and Rempson stressed the importance of involvement in the association, and talked about the need for balance between firm work, association work, and home life.

Class tasked with annual challenge

At the end of the long day, Frontera issued her Presidential Challenge. The purpose of the 2012 Presidential Challenge is for the LDP participants to learn more about the association and CMLS. The class members will report their findings to the Executive Committee, LDP Committee, association department heads and pertinent staff in the LDP October session.