Education-July/August 2012

Have you satisfied the Code of Ethics requirement?

By Mike Caesar
Deputy administrator of education services

Every four years, all members of the National Association of Realtors® (NAR) must complete at least 2.5 hours of approved ethics training. This quadrennial requirement is separate from any requirements you might have as a licensee. For example, North Carolina real estate agents must take eight hours of continuing education (CE) every license year. The 2.5 hours of ethics training is a separate requirement, and must be met in addition to the eight-hour requirement.

The current quadrennial period runs from Jan. 1, 2009 to Dec. 31, 2012. As long as you have taken an ethics course within that time period, you have fulfilled the requirement. If you fail to meet this requirement, your membership in the association will be suspended between January and February, 2013, until the requirement is met. If you fail to meet the requirement by March 1, 2013, your membership will be terminated. NAR takes this requirement seriously, and so should you!

How to satisfy the ethics requirement
There are several ways to satisfy this requirement. One of the easiest ways is to take a four-hour CE course that also satisfies the ethics requirement. By doing this, you can knock out a four-hour elective requirement by the state and the 2.5 hour NAR ethics requirement with just one four-hour class! (Of course, keep in mind that you will still need to take your Mandatory Update course to renew your N.C. license on active status next summer.) Mingle School offers three elective courses that also satisfy the ethics requirement: “Legal and Right,” “21+ Mistakes Residential Brokers Make,” and the online course, “Know the Code.”

If you’d rather not take an elective course to fulfill this requirement, you still have options. You can register for the ethics portion of the association’s orientation class for $30 (call 704-940-3110 to sign up), or take the online ethics course for free at NAR’s website,

Whether you take the ethics course from Mingle, the association, or NAR, the class will be reported automatically to the association. However, if you take your ethics course from a different provider (i.e., not one of these three options), you will be responsible for getting a copy of the certificate of completion to the association.

For questions about the Code of Ethics requirement, contact your Member Services Department at 704-940-3110. To register for Mingle courses, call us at 704-372-2984 or visit