Education-May/June 2012

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Time is running out — the deadline for continuing education is approaching

By Mike Caesar
Education Coordinator


Every year, licensees must complete a four-hour mandatory update course and a four-hour approved elective course to renew their licenses on active status.  June 10 is the last day for licensees to take this continuing-ed

ucation (CE). Licensees who do not complete the renewal requirements by the June 10 deadline will be placed on inactive status July 1. To reactivate a license, a licensee must make up any deficiencies from the prior year, as well as complete the current year requirements. Since the prior year update course is no longer offered after June 10, an extra elective course must be taken in its place. As an example, if a licensee neglects to take the mandatory update and elective course, he or she must take the new update course and three electives to reactivate his or her license.

June 10 is also the deadline to complete all online CE electives. Remember, even if you have taken your CE elective online, you must still take the mandatory update in the classroom.

All brokers-in-charge (BICs) who were designated as such prior to July 1, 2011, and who wish to remain BICs for the 2012-2013 license period, must complete the four-hour BICAR course by June 10, 2012. BICs who don’t take the BICAR course by June 10 will have inactive licenses starting July 1, 2012. If a BIC’s license is inactive, all agents in his or her office will go on inactive status.

The North Carolina Real Estate Commission (NCREC) does not allow real estate schools in North Carolina to offer makeup CE courses until July 1. Check for the latest CE course dates.