Legislative Insider-May/June 2012

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Task force initiative debuts April 20-27

By Elizabeth Barnhardt
Government Affairs Director


The association will be engaging in a “green” week of programs, events and services April 20-27.

Green Week will highlight what the association and Realtors® are already doing to go green as well as provide education to Realtors® and the public on what is energy efficient and sustainable in residential housing. As part of the initiative, we will launch online resources for Realtors® and the community.

What is Green?
In 2009, a group of Charlotte-area Realtors® were appointed to the association’s Green Task Force to research legislation, association activities and community partnerships related to energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

One of the first questions was: what is green? While the group didn’t come up with a specific definition, it did narrow the scope of what green means to focus on Realtors®, residential real estate and the consumer.

The green task force produced a report and presented it to the Board of Directors.  Out of that report came Green Week. Through a grant provided by NAR, the Green Task Force has planned a week of education and information for Realtors® and the home-buying public.

Green Week Activities
Green Week is the culmination of work by several committees and task forces at the association. Activities include:

  • Realtors® Care Day — Working with partners, Realtor® volunteers will be helping homeowners and neighborhoods with tree planting and landscaping. Another project will be to provide an energy efficiency kit to all homeowners.
  • Green Fields — The CMLS Advisory Committee is making recommendations to enhance and improve green fields for both new construction and existing homes in CMLS.
  • Realtor® Hot Topics  The Education Advisory Group is researching the “value” of going green in residential housing. How do you measure green in dollars and cents as well as the intrinsic value of being earth friendly?
  • Green Tools Web Page  The association will be launching a web page for Realtors® and the public to get more information about green homes and green living.
  • Don’t Dump, Donate” Drive — The association is partnering with Goodwill Industries to host a drive to recycle, reuse and repurpose electronics, clothing and household items.

Look for more information in eheadlines and on CarolinaRealtors.com to learn more about Green Week.