Respect your peers at double-booked showings

By Debbie Wey
Assistant Director, CMLS Policy

Wait before showing. With the number of showings rising, it is possible that showing appointments could overlap for a listing. If the requested showing appointment overlaps with a previously scheduled showing appointment, CSS asks the agent if he or she would like to shift the appointment time.

Most agents do adjust their showing time. Also, some listing agents put in the showing instructions to not allow overlapping appointments. However, if you arrive for a showing and find another Realtor® showing the house, wait until the Realtor® has finished showing the property before entering.

Bernie Reyman of CSS says listing agents will soon see a new an option within the showing instructions to allow/not allow overlapping appointments.

Replace/return keys promptly. Also, carefully replace keys in the lockbox after showings and make sure the lockbox is properly secured. Do not give the keys to the next agent showing the house if the showing appointments overlap. Each agent must obtain access to the house by following the required access method.


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