Best practices for using Centralized Showing Service (CSS)

Tips for more showings. These tips and more are available for agents to share with their sellers; log in on the CSS website at

  • Encourage sellers to choose “go” or “courtesy” for their showing instructions.  Homes that are “go” or “courtesy” get an average of one more showing per week than “appointment required” homes. (More showings mean a faster sale!)
  • Agents should use a lockbox. CSS indicates homes with lockboxes have nearly 60 percent more showings than homes without lockboxes over the same period of time.
  • Encourage your sellers to always have their home ready to show (as best as they can) and be prepared for spur-of-the-moment showing requests.
  • Encourage sellers to allow showings whenever possible, even when the home is not in perfect showing condition or someone is asleep in one bedroom.
  • Discourage sellers from restricting showing times or requiring advanced notice.
  • Discourage sellers from rescheduling or declining showings.

Receiving feedback and sharing it with sellers. Using CSS, listing agents can determine the number of times (one to four) the feedback requests are sent to showing agents.

Also, listing agents can specify whether the seller should receive feedback by email when feedback is provided. Now, a new feature in CSS allows listing agents to review the feedback before releasing it to the seller.

Keep in mind that seller feedback emails do not look the same as agent feedback emails. A seller feedback email contains only the showing agent’s name, and does not contain additional contact information such as email address or phone number, which is visible in the agent feedback email.

Showing agents do not need to provide contact information in feedback because it is automatically included. However, if the showing agent does provide offensive feedback or effusive contact information, the listing agent can remove it before releasing the feedback to the seller, or he or she can choose to not release the feedback to the seller at all.

Be sure to take advantage of these features in CSS to improve feedback response rates. And remember to please respond to feedback requests, even if it is nothing more than “Sorry, they weren’t interested.”

One thought on “Best practices for using Centralized Showing Service (CSS)

  1. I would like to emphasize that listing agents should discourage sellers from rescheduling appointments. Showing agents who are showing clients a number of homes usually have a geographic schedule that cannot accommodate changes in the tour. The narrowing of the showing time to one hour also throws a long tour into disarray. Listing agents should instruct their sellers to wait at the house until the showing agent arrives and then excuse themselves. That way neither the seller nor the showing agent is inconvenienced.

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