Info Tech-November/December 2011

CMLS: What you need to know
How to detect potential MLS violations in your listing before being contacted by CMLS staff

By Debbie Wey
Assistant Director CMLS Policy

Listing Compliance Check

A new feature has been implemented in TEMPO that allows listing agents to detect potential MLS violations once the listing is saved as “Active.” After saving the listing as “Active,” select the “Listing Compliance Check” link from the dropdown menu, as pictured below, and click the green arrow to launch MLS Data Checker. MLS Data Checker is the program CMLS staff uses to monitor for potential MLS violations in TEMPO.

The “Listing Compliance Check” link in Add/Edit allows listing agents to see potential violations using MLS Data Checker before CMLS staff issues a warning notice.

The items highlighted in red on the screen may indicate possible violations. For example, the picture below shows that “Full Service=Yes” was selected, but the words “Call Seller” appear in the “Showing Instructions” field. This is a violation because CMLS’s definition of “Limited Service” states that listings in which cooperating brokers must arrange appointments for showings directly with the seller are considered limited service.

“Listing Compliance Check” shows that this listing indicates “Full Service = Yes” but the “Showing Instructions” field indicates “Call Seller,” which makes the listing “Limited Service” according to the “CMLS Rules and Regulations.”

In some cases, items in red may represent fields used in the calculation of a violation and are not the actual violation. If you see a potential MLS violation in your listing and you’re not sure what the violation might be, contact the CMLS Help Desk at 704-940-3159 for information.

Report Data Error

A new link has been added to the “Quick Link Button Bar” that appears beside the “Full Report” of the listing in TEMPO called “Report Data Error.” This link replaced the “Report a Violation” link, which simply launched an email message with the user’s email program. The “Report Data Error” link launches MLS Data Checker and opens a form that CMLS Subscribers can use to report potential MLS violations found in listings.

The “Report Data Error” link in the “Quick Link Button Bar” launches MLS Data Checker where CMLS Subscribers can report potential MLS violations to CMLS staff.

CMLS Subscribers simply type a note indicating the violation being reported.

The benefit of the new “Report Data Error” link is that it reduces CMLS staff time in responding to agent-reported violations because MLS Data Checker is used for the entire process — rather than toggling from email to MLS Data Checker. MLS Data Checker tracks the history of the violation from when it was reported, to notification of the listing agent, and finally to correction of the violation. Although MLS Data Checker maintains the history of the potential violation, CMLS maintains the anonymity of complainants.  The respondents to alleged MLS violations are never told, nor can they see who reported the potential violation. Additionally, CMLS staff always recommends that Subscribers notify the listing agent first regarding potential MLS violations before reporting them to CMLS using the “Report Data Error” link. While the process is not completely automated (payments of fines cannot be detected by MLS Data Checker), the system has become increasingly efficient.

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