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First-annual Leadership Development Program reunion event brings together old friends

By Kim Walker
Public Relations and Media Relations Specialist

On the crisp fall evening of Nov. 7, about 60 Leadership Development Program (LDP) alumni gathered at Crave, a posh, local restaurant in uptown Charlotte, for an evening of networking, memories and fun. 2011 Association/CMLS President Laurie Knudsen welcomed attendees to their first reunion, and thanked them for their dedication and work over the years to the association, the industry and the community.

Founding LDP Committee members Donna Anderson, Judy Kendall and Sandy Larsh were recognized for initiating the program, which grooms association members to take on leadership roles at the association. The 1999 trailblazer class was also acknowledged.  A bit of competition was interjected into the night as groups vied to win recognition for the class with the highest number of reunion attendees and the largest percentage of 2011 active association volunteers. Hats off to the Class of 2010 for winning both awards!  The group had 10 attending participants and more than 80 percent of their class actively volunteered in 2011.

Sponsor Mercedes Homes thrilled attendees with a drawing for prizes and gift cards every 30 minutes. John Stroup, 2011 LDP Committee chair, won the 50/50 drawing, which also raised $100 for the Housing Opportunity Foundation.

At night’s end, association staff recognized the success of the event as several LDP alumni planned to continue the party at another location. If you missed it, stay tuned for future LDP reunions and networking opportunities — this was the first, but there’s more to come!

Check out scenes below from the first-annual LDP reunion.

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